100-year-old volunteer credits giving back for longevity

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She isn't a doctor, but Terry Pelegrino gives hands-on healing through volunteer work with Suncoast Hospice.

She practices Reiki.

"This is an energy of my body going in to relax her body," explained Pelegrino. "It gives them a better outlook."
At 100, she is not ready to slow down. The centenarian attributes giving back to her longevity.

"You've got to give something of your life to people. You can't just relax and be on your own. For me to sit home and relax and do my own thing and just read or watch TV, that's, to me, that's selfish," said Pelegrino.

It's a lesson she learned growing up. 

"In those days, if you ate, your neighbor ate. If your neighbor had problems, everything was a neighborly thing," said Pelegrino.

She has found a purpose assisting hospice patients for the past 14 years.  

"Not only is it for them, but also their relatives that are coming in, because sometimes their relatives are in very bad shape because they have a stressful thing coming before them," said Pelegrino.

She's serving others - at 100 and counting.

"I have no thoughts of retiring because I'm happy in what I'm doing," said Pelegrino.