$13 for 13 Campaign helps kids in need get new shoes

Shoes are something that most of us take for granted. But thousands of children across the Tampa Bay area are in need of a decent pair of shoes.

It's a struggle that the non-profit Metropolitan Ministries sees on a daily basis.

"When we first meet our families and children, their basic needs aren't being met. They don't have new shoes. They've maybe never had a new pair of shoes, and for a kid, you know, especially someone who is at risk or going through the trauma of homelessness, shoes become vital, even to their self-confidence," offered Justine Burke, vice president of marketing for Metropolitan Ministries.

That's why the FOX 13 Care Force is teaming up with Metropolitan Ministries for the $13 for 13 Campaign.

From March 20 through April 4, if you donate $13 to the online campaign, it will be matched -- and that's enough to buy a quality pair of children's shoes.

"It seems like a little thing but when a child gets a new pair of shoes, their faces light up and a stress has been relieved because they can feel confident and happy that they can go to their after-school activity or back to school with a shiny new pair of shoes. It just feels so good for them," Burke added.

LINK: To donate, you can go to www.metromin.org