200-acre racetrack takes shape east of Tampa for car enthusiasts

A huge racetrack is taking shape near the intersection of I-4 and I-75, just east of Tampa, but it's not for NASCAR or Formula 1. It's for ordinary people who love cars and want to drive fast – legally. 

Motor Enclave Tampa is a 200-acre track and auto attraction scheduled to open in March 2023. 

"You can do what you want to do in any kind of car you have in a controlled environment and be surrounded by people that have similar interests," said Brad Oleshansky, who built a similar attraction near Pontiac, Michigan.

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The Motor Enclave Tampa will have a 1.7 mile performance track as well as on off-road track. There will also be 300 trackside private garages that some refer to as "car condos." They are sold in the same manner as traditional condos, and they range in price from $388,000 to $1.9 million, depending on the size of the unit. 

Oleshansky said the garages have sold well and only eight remain for sale. 

He said the attraction will not be limited to "a bunch of rich guys." Oleshansky said there will be car shows, driving schools, and other events open to the general public. 

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He says they will open an events center in June 2023 for corporate events, team building, weddings and other special events. 

For more information visit themotorenclave.com.