3 more residents test positive for COVID-19 at Seminole nursing home

Three additional residents from Freedom Square’s Seminole Pavilion Rehabilitation tested positive for COVID-19.

The facility relocated 95 patients last week who were either showing symptoms of COVID-19 or had been exposed to the virus.

Test results are still pending for some, but 53 of those residents tested negative and were taken to other facilities. Three residents died from the virus.

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On Friday night, five residents were taken to local hospitals and three tested positive. Test results are still pending for the other two.

Officials with the facility said they touched base with 237 employees associated with the facility and gave them access to COVID-19 testing through BayCare. As of Saturday, 91 employees have been tested and 13 have tested positive.

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The facility has a limited supply of Personal Protective Equipment such as disposal gowns and N-95 face masks, which is an issue across the country, officials said.

However, they said the facility has an abundant supply of cloth gowns and KN-95 face masks and are working to purchase more PPE.

On Saturday Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida would reveal the names of assisted living facilities throughout the state that have had COVID-19 cases.

"You may have everyone doing everything right in one of these facilities, but you could have a staff member who is not symptomatic and it could spread throughout the staff and spread to the residents very, very quickly," said Governor DeSantis.

To see a full list of the assisted living facilities, click here.

The Governor says that as of right now, the number of positive cases associated with nursing homes and assisted living facilities is 1,627 - that includes residents and staff.

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