45 chickens mysteriously show up at Bradenton City Hall

A group of chickens woke up bright and early to go pecking on the doors of Bradenton City Hall.

"That's weird," said Michelle Campbell, who heard about the bizarre visit Wednesday afternoon. "Why?"

No one really knows why the 45 chickens were roaming "cage-free" on city property, but council member Gene Gallo has his suspicions.

"Some of us have been receiving emails from a few people wanting the city of Bradenton to change our ordinance where they can have chickens in the city and raise them in their backyards," said Gallo.

Residents have not been allowed to keep chickens within the city limits for as long as Gallo can remember, but he believes someone is trying to get creative to send a not-so-subtle message.

"Doesn't surprise me," said resident Ricky Lee. "At least it wasn't goats or pigs."

Even those at the top of the pecking order say they've never seen something like it.

"You know, one or two is one thing, but 45?" Gallo said, in amazement.

Animal control scooped the chickens up and dropped them off at Palmetto High School where they will be part of the agricultural program.