50 bikers escort a bullied middle school student to school

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A group of bikers in Indiana went out of their way to help a young boy who was being bullied at school.

11-year-old Phil Mick didn't need to be worried about his first day back at school this year because he had 50 new friends by his side.

“They called me fat. Sometimes kids would come up and kick me in the wrong areas,” Phil told local reporters.

The United Motorcycle Enthusiasts escorted Phil to Dekalb Middle School. They also formed a prayer circle outside with Phil.

“The motorcycle community is big on trying to get help for teenage suicide and bullying for the kids. It's just crazy it's an epidemic these days,” Director of the United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Brent Warfield said.

Phil's mom says the bullying had become so bad that Phil had considered suicide.

“It hurts a lot. So that's why I'm thanking Brent and everybody for being there because if it wasn't for them I don't know what Phil would do this year,” Phil’s mother, Tammy said.

The group certainly went above and beyond for their new pal, Phil. They also bought him new school supplies and outfits for the new year ahead.

“I got a guardian angel watching over me,” Phil said.

The group united motorcycle enthusiasts are holding a ride on September 23 in Indiana to help bring awareness to teenage bullying and suicide.