Accused kidnapper, rapist fires another attorney ahead of February trial

Trevor Summers is looking for a new attorney after firing his last one.

"I’ve interviewed two. I just want to get through today and continue to interview this week so I intended to hire counsel this month," Summers told Hillsborough County Judge Mark Kiser.

The victim, his estranged ex-wife Alisa Mathewson, is fed up with what she says are delay tactics.

"As a victim of Mr. Summers' crimes, I think it’s important for the court to understand the ordeal that myself and my children continue to endure at the hands of the defendant," Mathewson told the judge.

She points out, as each trial date nears, Summers always finds a way to push it back.

"Which leaves us without closure that we deserve. No one can fully understand what a victim of a crime like this goes through unless they themselves have experienced it," explained Mathewson.

Summers is accused of raping and kidnapping his estranged wife back in the summer of 2017. He apparently planned a murder-suicide but that was thwarted after Alisa tried to escape from a parking lot. 

A good Samaritan called police and she was rescued.

Two years later, she’s waiting for the slow wheels of justice to turn.

"He did similar stall tactics when he had his parental rights terminated for the children and family attorney stepped forward and said that it was stall tactics and he was actually violating the children’s rights," said  Mathewson.

She says it’s time for Summers to do his time and quit wasting everybody else’s.

"Stop it, stop the tactics. Allow us to have healing that we deserve," said Mathewson.

Summers' trial is set for February of 2020.