Accused shooter's grandfather testifies to recognizing grandson in surveillance video

It is not often the prosecution’s star witness is the defendant's own grandfather, but that is exactly what is happening to Alkwaun Dixon.

Despite defense's objections, Dixon is ready to testify in front of the jury. 

In a hearing Friday, without the jury present, Andrew Dixon told the judge he recognized his grandson in the gas station surveillance video that captured the armed robbery.

"That’s my grandson, Alkwaun," said Dixon.

Back in April of 2016, Alkwaun Dixon and his accomplice Xavier Smith were accused of killing Michael Beson during a botched armed robbery at a Plant City gas station.

Bonnie Beson was in the passenger’s seat when she witnessed her husband get shot.

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After the shooting, the gas station's surveillance video was released to the media. Andrew Dixon says when he saw it, he recognized how his grandson, Alkwaun walked.

"I used to always kid him. He has an old man-style walk. It was like a pimp walk. He has a bow-legged style walk," said Dixon.

Andrew Dixon said he urged his daughter, Alkwaun's mother, Andrea, to turn her son in. Part of that conversation was recorded during a visit to the police station.

After Andrew Dixon's testimony, the defense argued police used illegal tactics to suggest to his mother and grandfather it was Alkwaun Dixon in the video 

Hillsborough Judge Christopher Sabella disagreed.

"Andrew Dixon, I found his testimony to be credible and compelling. He was an extraordinary witness," said Judge Sabella.

He ruled the jury will get to hear his testimony, which is scheduled for Monday.