Additional weapons taken from suspected pipe bomb maker

Two days after being denied bond, Michelle Kolts was back in court on a civil matter.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office submitted a request for a Risk Protection Order that would allow deputies to temporarily take away Kolts' firearms while her potential risk to herself and the public is evaluated.

The 27-year-old was arrested for allegedly making two dozen pipe bombs at her parents' home in Wimauma. Investigators argued to the judge Thursday Kolts could pose a threat to herself or the community and asked for an evaluation of her mental health before returning her weaponry.

"Obviously, we have a criminal defendant who is accused of possessing 24 pipe bombs. In addition to that, she has literature on doing mass killings, she has videos on Columbine and pellet guns, all sorts of things that provide a risk to the public, " explained Defense attorney and legal expert Anthony Rickman.

The judge granted the risk protection order. Kolts can make a request to get them back a year from now.

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Rickman expects the sheriff's office to make the same request at that time, too. 

The judge also ordered Kolts be mentally evaluated.