Adoptable dogs pictured on Motorworks Brewing lager cans

Day Day is one of four dogs featured on Motorworks Brewing lager cans.

Each passing day brings more dogs through the doors at Manatee County Animal Services, and the folks at Motorworks Brewing are launching a campaign to help. The Bradenton brewery has turned its beer cans into adoption fliers for shelter pets at the shelter. 

Hans Wohlgefahrt, Manatee County Animal Service's outreach and event specialist, works to spread the word about 'Day Day' and every other dog up for adoption. 

Since March, 2-year-old Day Day has been searching for a forever home. 

"She's so friendly, she’s like a tank, but with a heart of gold," Wohlgefahrt said. "In any given month, we can get up to 400 pets here. We are always looking for other strategies of getting exposure."

The key to getting additional exposure for adoptions could start with an ice-cold beer from Motorworks. The brewery's director of sales and marketing, Barry Elwonger, said putting photos on their cans was an obvious way to spread the word about adoptable pets. 

"We decided to put four adoptable dogs onto the can for the release of our lager," said Elwonger. 

The photos are accompanied by a story about each dog, along with information on plans for building a new shelter. 

"Money is going directly to the shelter for that and we want to make sure that the people know about the different dogs that are looking for homes," said Elwonger. 

So far, King and Morton, two out of the four dogs on the first round of cans, have been adopted. But there are still many waiting to go home. 

Two of the four dogs on cans have gone to their forever homes.

"There's hundreds more dogs that are looking for homes. We wanted to showcase the shelter has some really wonderful dogs and [encourage people to] go and check it out and look into a rescue," said Elwonger. 

If you want to get your hands on one of the cans, they’re available exclusively at Motorworks Brewing in a 4-pack or a case of 24. For more information visit or