After devastating New Year's Eve fire, family thankful for community's support

A family is starting off 2019 without a home after a massive fire destroyed their house on New Year's Eve, but thanks to neighbors they're getting much-needed support.

For almost 20 years, the house was home to Stephen Dorsett and his family.

"You're seeing everything you've built," Dorsett said. "And your family for the last 18 years, just done, just destroyed."

Video from a neighbor showed flames coming from the house around 10 o'clock New Year's Eve. Dorsett and his family were in their backyard. When he went inside to get some food he noticed smoke coming from the door to the garage.

"I walked up," Dorsett said. "Flipped the door handle. As soon as I flipped it to push it, it just grabbed the door handle and it was like a fireball or firebomb just came straight through the house."

Fire officials believe the fire started in their garage attic, but the official cause still unknown. Dorsett is grateful for the overwhelming support he's received from neighbors.

So far, a GoFundMe page has already raised more than $15,000.

"The neighbors we have are incredible," Dorsett said. "They came out in force."

Two dozen of them waited outside the home the next morning, asking how they can help.

Dorsett says he's most thankful everyone survived.

"My kids are safe," Dorsett said. "My wife is safe. My dogs are safe. Everything else we'll just deal with it."