After leaving the Midwest, couple finds a restaurant that brings them back

The Pesky Pelican in St. Petersburg has become a go-to place for former St. Louis residents Cara and Moe.

“We came down on vacation about 13 years ago and it was the time of our lives. I wanted to move here one day and then a few years later we came down to the Gulfport area,” Cara explained.

The couple was fortunate enough to find this spot on complete accident.

Cara and Moe both added, “We’ve known Dan the owner for years just through different events and other things we related to, like craft beer. Dan had bought a restaurant and was brewing beer there and when we went, we looked at the menu and it was St. Louis-themed, coincidentally.”

Cara explained that one of the first things she noticed on the menu was Provel cheese, which she said you can only get in St. Louis.

“It’s absolutely amazing. It’s stretchy, gooey, and you will never forget it once you’ve had it," Cara added.

But besides from the Provel cheese, the Pesky Pelican is also home of to the Gooey Butter Cake, which Cara described as, “It's soft, it's warm, there is a combination of buttery flavors and cake flavors with a little bit of caramel on there.”

So with a taste of home for some and a taste of Midwest for others, the Pesky Pelican is this week’s Bay Area Best.


923 72nd St. North
St. Petersburg

Monday - Saturday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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