Bay Area Best - Sips Specialty Coffee House

Mary Fabiano is 83 years old but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her, and she’s not shy about her age. How does she stay so spry? She gives full credit to Sips Specialty Coffee House.

Bay Area Best: Ukulele Brand's

For 30 years, Ukulele Brand’s has been a favorite of folks in Land O’ Lakes for great food, refreshing drinks, and live music. Frank Reeves has been there since almost the beginning, when they offered him a meal and a spot on the stage. He Reeves showed FOX 13’s Chip Brewster why Ukulele is the love of locals.

He moved away, but still comes back for this Cuban sandwich

Though Steve no longer lives in the immediate area, if he comes anywhere near Brocato’s, he has to stop for a Cuban.  Sometimes that even means coming up with an excuse to go to Tampa just so he can get his favorite meal.

Bay Area Best: Brocato’s Sandwich Shop

after trying many Cubans across the Tampa Bay area, Steve Thornburg was introduced to Brocato’s Sandwich Shop and found what would become his favorite of all time. 

Bay Area Best - The Front Porch

When you move to a new area, the first place you truly get to know is the neighborhood around your house. And for one FOX 13 viewer in this week’s Bay Area Best, that neighborhood included what quickly became her favorite restaurant.

Bay Area Best - La Teresita

Kiva Williams first found La Teresita in college through a dorm-mate at USF. After being amazed by her very first meal, especially the price, she began making frequent trips and bringing friends with her.

Bay Area Best: Roger's Chicago Hot Dogs

When you're away from home, there's nothing like your favorite food to take you back to your roots. That's true for any Chicago native who visits Roger's Chicago Hot Dogs in Holiday.

Bay Area Best: Alfonso's Pizzaria

If you love pizza, you have to try Alfonso's in Tampa. New York-style slices, plus unbelievable baked goods. A FOX 13 viewer told Chip Brewster Alfonso's is where his love for pizza began.

With one bite of this food, he's back in Jamaica

Born and raised in Jamaica, it wasn’t until he was 16 years old that Damian Chin moved away from the island.  After joining the U.S. Air Force, he ended up stationed at MacDill Air Force Base. That’s about the time he met Andrew Pandreu, a fellow Jamaican living in the Tampa Bay area.

Kojak’s: Where love bloomed over plates of barbecue

Ribs, obviously, are the specialty at Kojak’s House of Ribs. That’s what viewer Vicky Mcshane said when she invited Chip Brewster to join her for his Bay Area Best segment, and that’s what she ordered for him.