Agape Flights wait anxiously for trip to Haiti

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Rescue workers in Haiti are struggling to reach cutoff towns. It's not clear the full extent of the death and destruction, but supplies will be headed to Haiti from Venice soon.

In an airplane hanger in Venice, a lot of concern is growing.

"It is a little bit of a hurry up and wait game. Sit and see," said Pilot Jeff Yannucciello.

He has been checking Facebook for any information about Haiti and those he helps with Agape Flights. His phone has been eerily silent.

He is one of two pilots at Agape. They fly out weekly to help those struggling in Haiti, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

"Having to wait for the storm to pass is probably harder for us because we have to watch it go while we know they are down there trying to clean up," he said.

Some phone calls have started to trickle in, but they are still waiting to hear from dozens of missionaries in the hardest hit areas of Haiti.

"They are wiped out and it's hard for us to know exactly the damage right now, because communication has been shut off," said Abby Duncan.

Agape plans to fly out on Friday, but weather and conditions in Haiti may push them back to Saturday. They hope to get there as quickly as they can.

"Our goal is to collect the things they need the most," said Yannucciello.

Agape helps nearly 400 missionaries based in Haiti and the Caribbean. They are working to load their plane with vital necessities.

"Our focus is food, shelter and water; their basic needs. Tarps for shelter, food, protein bars and then the water purification tablets," said Duncan.

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Financial donations help fund Agape's humanitarian missions, but it's emotional support that keeps them going.

"We ask that people keep them in their thoughts and prayers and let them know that they are missed," said Yannucciello.

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