Airboat tours offer unique way to see Florida's natural beauty

Airboats are a unique way to see pristine, untouched parts of Florida. 

"You’re not seeing skyscrapers. You’re not seeing Disney World. You’re seeing what all of Florida used to be at one time. Yes, it is a must when you come to Florida," said Gary Bartell, owner of Ozello Boats Airboat Tours in Crystal River.

Ozello’s airboats travel along the shallow waters of the Nature Coast at a quick 25 to 30 miles per hour. 

On an airboat, all the propulsion is above the water, so they run a very low risk of hitting anything under water. Airboats also have amazing control, taking turns like a speeding race car, yet stopping and spinning on a dime.

"You can virtually go anywhere you see water with an airboat," explained Bartell. "You get to some wildlife that you would never see with another boat because you are going to areas you could never get to with another boat." 

FOX 13 tagged along on a recent tour that encountered dolphins, manatees and plenty of birds. Bartell added that turtles and sting rays are also common to see.

Ozello Boats Airboat Tours is open seven days a week and offers one-hour and half-hour tours. 

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