Alabama toddler gets stuck inside claw machine

While eating out with friends, an Alabama mother made a startling discovery and found her two-year-old son stuck inside a claw machine.

Kelsey Ingersoll turned around to see her son, Ezra, inside the claw machine. She said Ezra apparently decided he wanted to get a toy for himself, and climbed into the small hole on the bottom of the machine. 

Kelsey and her husband, Adam, tried to free the toddler. While he was able to climb in the small door on the bottom, the door did not open the opposite way for him to get out. Eventually more spectators joined their rescue efforts, including the employees at Rotolo’s Pizzeria, where the incident occurred. 

Kelsey said no one at the restaurant had a key to open the machine, so firefighters were called to the scene to take apart the machine.

First responders quickly worked to get the child out safely within 20 minutes.

“Once we got the top off, we looked at a couple of different things and decided the best way was to put one of our firefighters on the opposite side of the machine, in there where he could pick the boy up and lift him out to mom or dad,” Fairhope Fire Chief Chris Ellis told Fox 10.

Kelsey shared video of her son inside the claw machine, and outside of it. She wrong on Facebook, “Only my child. He is ok now and going to bed!!”