All those times Brody the dog interrupted Paul Dellegatto's weathercast

As FOX 13’s reporting staff joined most of the rest of Florida in working at home over the last month, many of our viewers got to know Brody, the show-stealing pup who loved to crash chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto’s weathercasts.

Brody’s appearances became an almost daily feature of the evening news, and now they are getting international attention.

Last month’s clip of the bounding golden retriever derailing the entire weathercast has been shared thousands of times, by everyone from Good Morning America to Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. Even the respected Twitter judges at We Rate Dogs weighed in, giving Brody a 13-out-of-10 rating (appropriate for FOX 13).

Sharp-eyed observers noted a photo of a golden retriever on Paul's desk at home, but it's not Brody. That's Sparky, another Really Good Boy who passed away a year ago at almost 12 years old.

Now, as Florida begins to reopen, Paul’s weathercasts have returned to the FOX 13 studios. That means Brody’s appearances are generally limited to Paul’s social media accounts, which lately look more like Brody’s social media accounts anyway.

Paul promises to keep sharing updates from everyone’s newest four-legged meteorologist over on his Facebook page.

Brody wasn’t the only furry friend to interrupt a weathercast. There was also that time when Tyler Eliasen had to compete with loud meowing from “big fat Gus,” his 27-toed, 18-pound weather cat.

As Florida goes back to work, we want to thank all of our viewers who tuned in through the pandemic. We hope you'll keep watching, whether it's for Paul or for Brody.