Alligator wanders into car circle at school in Ruskin

An alligator found itself in the car circle during drop-off at a Ruskin elementary school, probably there waiting to see its kids off to school, of course.

The alligator was caught on video by a parent in the car loop at Cypress Creek Elementary School Wednesday morning.

Linda Vazquez said she was dropping her daughter off at school when she spotted the gator and called the school. Video shows the gator walking along a fence near the school's sidewalk not far from the front office, Vazquez said, and poking the fence with its snout.

The vice principal of the school told FOX 13 that trappers were called after the children made their way into school and that the gator had wandered back across the street on its own. The vice principal says she also checked several times to make sure the gator hadn't wandered back onto school grounds.

No children were in danger. The gates to the school are shut from the front parking lot, she said.