Artist removes foil from his foil covered home

Tarpon Springs artist Piotr Janowski is bringing down an art display that's attracted a lot of attention.

He wrapped his entire house in aluminum foil, but this isn't the last time he'll show off his shiny work.

Janowski, who is originally from Austria, has worked with foil for years. He typically paints on top of it, but then got the idea to use it to cover structures. He says covering his house took nearly 40 rolls of heavy duty Reynolds Wrap and cost nearly $1000.

Janowski even caught the eye of Reynolds Wrap with his months long display. The company is sponsoring another project where Janowski will team with the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.

The artist says his next exhibit will open up in December. He will wrap portions of the lobby and landscaping in foil.

"I don't even call this covering. I just want to show the design, the beauty, the texture," Janowski said.

Neighbors complained about his home, so he's taking down that display, but he says the goal was to get people to see the world around them a little differently.

"Art is provoking and I'm glad that my project was provoking," Janowski said.