As COVID-19 cases rise in schools, health officials say it’s going to get worse before it gets better

Across the Bay Area, COVID cases are quickly beginning to pile up in schools. 

Since the school year began in Hillsborough County three days ago, there have been 117 reported cases, 52 employees and 65 students. 

In Pasco County, 85 student cases have been reported and 28 employees, totaling 113 cases so far. 

In Citrus County, 31 total cases since August 10, 6 employees 26 students.

In Pinellas County, since August 10, 23 employees and 4 student cases. 

In Sarasota County, since July 1, there have been 293 student cases and 83 staff cases. 

It is important to remember because school just started, most of these cases were likely contracted outside of their respective campuses. Health officials say these numbers are likely to get worse before they get better.


USF enrolling Bay Area children as part of Moderna vaccine study

USF is enrolling Bay Area children in a study to test the efficacy, side effects and dosage of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

"We know prior to school we've had a lot of disease in the community and this variant spreads rapidly. In all likelihood we're going to see a lot more," said USF’s Dr. Marissa Levine. "Getting vaccinated is for the longer haul, covering your face and keeping your distance is for the short-haul, we need to do both."

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