Assistant principal motivates teachers with online inspirational broadcast

For the past two months, Mary Bryant Elementary School assistant principal Victoria Morse has been performing on social media to help keep her teachers motivated. 

"This just in from Sparkle News -- this is our 50th episode," Morse said. "I mean it's just amazing.” 

She started the broadcast when schools were shut down because of the coronavirus. 

"Reach out to the faculty and make them feel that I am still here for them and we're going to get through it together," Morse explained. 

Every morning at 6:30 a.m. Morse sends a positive message to the school staff to start their day. 

"You can control your attitude, you can control your attitude on life, you can make things the best you can make them," Morse said.

Fifth-grade teacher Donna Tippin looks forward to the messages.

"It is the most inspiring way to wake up every morning,” Tippin said. "Gets us going so that we get on Zoom with our classes we are still experiencing that high that she has left us with."

Morse is glad the three-minute videos are having a big impact in the community.

"I'm blown away because literally what started off as just this one little way of make people smile really did give them something to look forward to every day," Morse added. 

It gives that extra effort to motivate teachers to do their best online teaching. The segments are so popular that faculty from around the country watch.