Ballroom dancer, 93, competing this weekend in Sarasota

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If you want to be inspired, just check out Judith Baizan's moves. 

At 93, Baizan still enjoys ballroom dancing.

"Just makes me feel alive," said Judith. "I like to move with the rhythm. I like the challenge of it."

Judith's been gliding across dance floors most of her life.

"When the music comes on, when I hear the music, I want to move to it," she said. "It's the greatest thing that there is. It makes every day pretty worthwhile."

Now, she and her dance instructor, Roy Stone will perform an exhibition dance at the world competition in Sarasota. 

"People will not believe that this is a 93-year-old doing what she's doing," said Roy. "I do lifts with her. Drops. I do a death drag at the end." 

Judith started dancing in high school and never looked back.

"It's very good for having a good life and a lot of years," said Judith. "Everybody should dance."