Bay Area company creates custom-fit lenses for name-brand sunglasses

Florida native Brandon Dill knows how important sunglasses are to those who call the Sunshine State home. 

"Here in Florida, sunglasses aren’t an accessory, they are a way of life," he stated.

Dill is the CEO and co-founder of Fuses Lenses, a company that makes replacement lenses for name-brand sunglasses. 

"No manufacturer really replaces the lenses in their sunglasses and if they do, once the frames are discontinued, they no longer offer that service," he explained. 

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Dill’s vision began when he was working in the optical industry and a friend asked him to replace the lenses in his sunglasses because the manufacturer couldn’t do it. 

"I replaced the lenses for him and he was ecstatic," Dill recalled. "He showed his friends and the next day I had five more orders, so we knew we were on to something."

Lenses are ordered online, custom cut to fit and mailed to the customer to pop into their sunglass frames. Fuse Lenses test everything from visual and acuity in the haze of the lenses to the wavelengths of light passing through the lenses. 

"We drop all lenses," Dill explained. "We even boil the lenses into saltwater, which is important out here on the boiling hot beaches. We test for scratches and we test for how long our lenses can be dropped."

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