Bay Area fitness class gives parents, children place to work out together

Pregnant moms and parents with young children work out together at the Waterset Club in Apollo Beach. 

The families are taking part in the iStroll mommy and me program. It’s a high-intensity, interval training for pregnant women, parents and children.

"I wanted to be able to stay fit and also be outside and have my son outside with me," said Katy Crews, the owner and instructor of iStroll South Hillsborough. "And this is a good mixture of all of that."  

It’s a good blend for Crews, who started the fitness initiative about three weeks ago. 

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"There's the workout portion. There's a social component for not only the parents, but also the kids. The kids look forward to seeing each other here and playing with each other," she explained. 

Ashley Cox just moved to the Bay Area from Seattle and is six months pregnant. 

"Now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm trying to stay more active and kind of prepare my body for a better delivery. Both health and fitness," Cox shared. 

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Not only are the classes good for conditioning and endurance but also is a positive environment for the mom and their kids. 

"I noticed how the kids will imitate their parent. They see mom working hard and sweating, and they get enthusiastic about that too. They'll pick up a little weight and they'll kind of imitate mom. So you're setting an example, whether you know it or not, for your little one," she stated. 
It’s an example that Crews hopes will change the lives of the participants. 

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"I hope that everybody feels a sense of community when they come here together. I hope they get an effective workout so that when they leave here, they feel good and are on a path towards healthier living or a healthier lifestyle. And I hope that it's good for their kids," Crews explained. 

Hope that is creating a stronger bond between moms and their children. 

The classes are held three times a week.

LINK: Learn more about Istroll here.