Bay Area ice skater fulfilling professional dream

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A local skater's drive and dedication is helping her to fulfill her dream to skate professionally. 

Emma Oleck is jumping for joy at the Ice Sports Forum in Tampa over her new adventure.

"I love performing that's been my favorite part about skating its performing having an audience," Emma said.

The 18-year-old ice skater has just landed her dream job: skating professionally for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

"I"m super super luck that the opportunity came to me and that I was able to land a really, really amazing job," Emma said.

The two-time Junior National Medalist started skating when she was six.

"There was a little rink in Countryside Mall that whenever my family shopped when I was little," Emma explained. "I was completely mesmerized by the skaters."

Emma's passion and dedication for skating is now paying off as a fulltime career.

"I love the fact the only thing I think about while I am skating is skating," Emma Said.

Emma will be doing four shows a week on the boat.

"It's a lot of hard work," Emma added.

Hard work that she is all-too-happy to do.

"It's definitely going to be a great thing to do because I start school," Emma said.

A local talent spinning her way to success; Emma 's job starts next year. When her skating career is over she plans to go to school and work in the medical field.