Bikers remember Phoebe Jonchuck 5 years after death 

It's been five years since the tragic death Phoebe Jonchuck and nearly a year since her father, John Jonchuck, was found guilty for her murder. 

Sunday, more than 100 bikers met at Mr. Joe's Off The Beach in St. Petersburg to kick off their sixth annual memorial ride in Phoebe's honor.

"It's a constant battle, it's a constant thing in our hearts, in all of these people's hearts, because it was such a tragedy," said Joe Lambert, the owner of Mr. Joe's Off The Beach.

Little Phoebe was just 5-years-old when her father dropped her over the side of the Dick Meisner Bridge in January 2015. Phoebe was found dead hours later, but her story is far from over.

Since her death, there has been a memorial ride every year to honor the little girl and to raise money for a scholarship fund created in her memory, with the hopes that a tragedy like hers might be prevented in the future.

"What we try to do is raise money to send a student to two years at St. Pete JC to earn a scholarship in the social services field," said Jeff Richard, one of the bikers responsible for putting on the ride.

Kicking up their kickstands, bikers made their way to one of the beaches near the bridge, tossing flowers into the water. 

"We want to continue carrying on Phoebe's name, but also we want to continue educating people and helping the other children," said Richard.

The floating tribute a reminder of a beautiful life that can never be forgotten.

Jonchuck is currently serving a life sentence behind bars for his daughter's murder.

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