Protesters outside home of Brian Laundrie's parents could have faced charges under bill advancing in Florida

The protestors were angry, and they were at Brian Laundrie's front door.

"He needs to come out and talk," one said as the crowd repeatedly screamed, "Where is Gabby?"

Similar scenes have unfolded at a home owned by Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed George Floyd, and by anti-maskers at the home of a Brevard County school board member

State Sen. Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg) once had to enlist the police when he feared his home could be targeted.

"It is an intrusion. It can be considered harassment," said Rouson. "It can even go beyond harassment and be attacking and damaging to property and the peace of a neighborhood."

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee unanimously endorsed a bill this week that would make it a misdemeanor to protest with the intent to harass or disturb a person inside their home, citing the state's "significant interest" in protecting the well-being and privacy of the home, and protecting residents from the detrimental effect of targeted picketing. 

"Some of us signed up for a little bit of this, but our spouses, children and neighbors did not," said State Sen. Keith Perry, who advocated for the bill at Monday's hearing.

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Some Senators, though, did have questions.

When does the right to freedom of expression enter the realm of criminal behavior? 

"How would a police officer determine whether it reaches the level of harassment?" asked State Sen. Tiny Polsky (D-St. Petersburg). "What if they are saying absolutely nothing, they are just holding a sign?"

It could come down to which officers are on patrol on a given day, which Rouson says is a cause for concern. 

Still, he voted to advance the bill, but said he would like to see it fine-tuned to become more specific.

"It's the use of judgement, use of discretion, it's the fact that there is what is called implicit bias," Rouson said.