Blind man's dog killed in house fire

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A devastating house fire has left a family homeless and taken a life. It broke out early Friday morning on Shady Oaks Drive just off State Road 60 near Lake Wales.

Ben and Kim Sherrod were in town shopping when they got a phone call that their home was on fire.

Their 21-year-old son, Logan, who is completely blind, his sister, and a friend had gotten out safely.

But one member of the family did not. Ladybird, Logan’s beloved dog died in the fire.

“That was his best friend in the world,” Logan’s dad told FOX 13.  "They ate, played and slept together."

Ladybird was Logan’s eyes to life, but that all ended the night of the fire.

Logan’s friend woke up first. When he realized the house was on fire, he began yelling.

“I was just freaking out, so I just ran out the back door,” Logan said.

Then he realized someone was missing, his pup. 

“I was really afraid she was not going to make it,” he said. “I heard her barking in the house.”

But it was too late. The fire had spread from the porch where it started and was racing through the house.

Logan’s parents, who were frantically driving back home, could see the smoke and flames from two miles away.

Logan, once safely outside, worried that he couldn’t do anything to help Ladybird. “I assumed that she would follow, because when I get up, she follows me, “ he said.  But that night, she did not. 

“I could get another puppy, but nothing could replace Ladybird,” said Logan.

In the wake of the tragedy, friends are helping out the Sherrods by donating clothes and money.  

Investigators have determined the fire was caused by a short in a refrigerator.

Logan’s parents plan to rebuild on the same property, but Logan says Ladybird will always be missing. 

If you want to help, a page has been set up for  the family, at: