Boy calls 911 for math help

A 10-year-old in Fort Collins, Colorado called 911 for help after running into a little trouble - with his math homework.

Collins Police Services Dispatcher Chris Clow said he was caught a bit off guard but immediately went into help mode.

Clow, who admitted he was a little rusty on his math skills, made a quick adjustment to the equation. He pulled out a calculator and helped the 10-year-old figure out the answer.

“Some people have grown to think that 911 is a catch-all for ‘I need help with something; I don't know who to call.’” Clow said. “I think it's important to give them that service whenever we can.”

He said he chose to help the 10-year-old rather than use it as a ‘don't call 911” teaching moment because he feels at times it's just important to give people the service they need.