Boy honks after swallowing toy horn

An Argentina boy is internet famous after he started honking like a clown when he swallowed a toy.

We'll start by saying this: he's fine. A doctor removed the toy without issue and he's going to be fine.

Now, on to the hilarious video. Dr. Santiago Gomez Zuviria uploaded the video last week of the boy honking every time he breathed in. It included the caption "Beware of what children play".

As we mentioned, the doctor safely removed the toy from the 8-year-old boy's throat and he's recovering just fine.

The doctor later posted that the reason he uploaded the video was to raise awareness about toy safety. He asked internet users to report 'malicious use of the video' that ridiculed the boy and what he went through.

The video has more than nine million views since it was uploaded.