Bradenton nursing home employees, deputies honored after shooting: 'This could have been a memorial service'

It was the first time Manatee County Deputy Robert Pereyra Jr. met Sam Loyd Jr. at Aspire at Palma Sola Bay.

"After he took the shot at me, he took off that way," said Loyd Jr.

Deputy Pereyra Jr responded to the nursing facility on May 24 just after 3:30 a.m.

Sam Loyd Jr. told deputies where Sean Calcutti was headed.

"It looks he smashed his car into the door, took a shot at the guy and took off running," said Deputy Pereyra Jr.

At that time, Deputy Michael Davis went to search for Sean Calcutti. Calcutti had just crashed into the Bradenton nursing facility, pulled a gun on Loyd and another employee and then took off.

"We have more shots fired in the back of the property," said Deputy Pereyra Jr.

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What would occur in the early morning hours of May 24th is something many will never forget.

Pictured: Sean Calcutti

"Hey get on the ground, get on the ground. Drop the gun," said Deputy Davis. 

As Deputy Davis yelled commands, body camera footage shows Calcutti firing his gun.

"I’m hit. I’m hit," yelled Deputy Davis.

More than six weeks later, after being shot in his left arm, Deputy Davis returned to Aspire at Palma Sola Bay.

"This event today could have just as easily been a memorial service. We thank God that we are here celebrating valor and bravery instead," said Amitai Dagan the COO of Aspire Health Group.

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Deputies Davis and Pereyra Junior were honored and so were the quick actions of Loyd Jr. and Alexi Jackson.

"When I’m at the scene and I learn about two special employees that really caught my attention. Sam, Alexia because of your actions there is no doubt that you saved lives. This man was intent to come in here and to kill and because of your quick actions you did that," Sheriff Rick Wells said to a packed crowd.

After seeing Calcutti with a gun, Jackson alerted Loyd Jr. who locked the facility's doors and called 911.

Deputies and nursing home employees were honored.

"Everyone is okay and safe," said Jackson.

On Tuesday afternoon, heroes both in and out of uniform reunited for the first time.

"I wasn’t trying to be a hero, I was just trying to make sure everybody was protected," said Loyd Jr.

Aspire Health Group said they are now thinking about allowing a few employees to be armed to protect residents.

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