Bucs fans celebrate home opener

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The Buccaneers played their Sunday home opener against the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. 

That means that the tailgate lots are officially open for the new season. 

The home game was the team's second regular season game. The first was an impressive win over the New Orleans Saints. 

Alex Thompson is a longtime fan, and tailgater.

"The first game was away so we saw a glimpse. So now we get to see it in person," he explained.

 Everyone's recipe for the perfect tailgate looks a little different, but the one thing everyone seems to agree on is having good tailgate food. 

Alton Sterling is a longtime Bucs fan, and has been tailgating for over 15 years.

He says his simple approach to a great tailgate meal is planning ahead. 

"I prep my meat at night. I marinate my meat, and let it sit overnight, and then when we get here I take it out and season it up. It's pretty simple." 

Bucs fans were feeling confident in quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick after a beating the Saints 48-40 on the road. 

Alex Thompson put it simply, "I'm hoping Fitzmagic happens again."

Sarah Hurley celebrated her 31st birthday at Sunday's game, and also wished for a little "Fitzmagic" on her day. 

 "We miss Jameis but we're really excited for Fitzy right now," Hurley added. 

Jameis Winston's three game suspension for violating league conduct policy will be complete just in time for the Buccs to play the Chicago Bears on the road on September 30th.