Cats replace ads at UK subway station

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Felines have taken over a London subway station.

The images of the cats is part of a new marketing campaign called the "Citizens Advertising Takeover Service," also known as CATS.

For two weeks, the kittens will replace all advertising at the Clapham Common tube station.

Glimpse, the group behind the campaign, hopes the stunt will help inspire other to change things for the better.

"We raised enough money to replace 68 adverts like this on a tube. And really we just want people to come down, enjoy it, maybe think a bit differently about the world and realize that even the big things that seem impossible to change, can be altered if people work together," said James Turner, founder of Glimpse.

CATS raised nearly $30,000 through its kickstarter campaign to take over the advertisements.

They hope the cats can take over another tube station soon.