Caught on camera: Car slams into Nevada trooper's car door

If a Nevada trooper exited his patrol car just seconds later, he may have been seriously injured when a hit-and-run driver crashed into his door.

The trooper’s body and dash cameras captured the moment the car slammed into his own. The trooper was finishing up a routine traffic stop on a Las Vegas highway, and pushed open his door to step out. That’s when the suspect’s orange car zoomed by and threw the trooper’s door off of its hinges. 

There were no injuries, but the Nevada Highway Patrol said the suspected driver didn’t stop, and instead sped off.

Authorities didn’t catch up to the driver until a day later after an anonymous tip notified law enforcement of the driver’s location. The driver was issued several citations for the crash, including one for driving without a license, one for a hit-and-run, and another for failure to stop and render air.