Celebrating Tampa’s sanitation workers during coronavirus pandemic 

Maybe you've heard the rumble of their trucks coming down the street twice a week. Perhaps the dog barks as they make the stop in front of your home to collect what's at the curb. 

Sanitation workers seem like unsung heroes in a time when keeping things clean and tidy is more important than ever.

City of Tampa Solid Waste Collector Craig Robinson said, "We're seeing an increase of garbage and also recyclables." 

"Everybody's staying at home so they have no choice," he added. "They are generating more trash... more garbage."

But that's okay because the city was ready for that. 

There have been no interruptions in service, and routes have been maintained throughout the pandemic response so far.

However, what was mostly an anonymous unseen job, has become more noticed as people at home see their local garbage truck come and go each week.

"Customers come out and say thank you," shared Robinson. "We're grateful for them coming out and telling us (thank you)." 

So something that before was just another service that was taken for granted, has now proven to be more valuable than ever.

"We'll get through it together," said Robinson.

Tampa is working with businesses affected by COVID-19. If your home or business needs have changed, you can contact the city at (813) 274-8811 to request a service adjustment and with that the necessary adjustments to billing. 

For more details about the sanitation department, visit https://www.tampagov.net/solid-waste.