Check out the world's longest Lego roller coaster this weekend in Brooksville

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James Burrows created an amazing - and record-breaking - display using thousands of Lego bricks.

This weekend, he took it down, packed it up, and rebuilt it for hundreds to see at the exhibit hall of the Hernando County Fairgrounds in Brooksville.

As he unpacked three large crates, filled with the pieces of his "Jurassic Park" themed Lego roller coaster, he told us how he used his childhood passion to make a living when he grew up.

Burrows owns The Brick University in Spring Hill and that's where he began building his massive creation. He used more than 300,000 bricks to build the coaster, which will be one of the featured attractions at the Bricks and Blocks event is this weekend at the fairgrounds.

Hundreds of Lego fans will be there to watch his coaster speed around the track.

"At last measurement, we were just shy of 100 feet of track," said the former landscaper, who now makes his living with Legos.

Burrows started building last March and was working to get his roller coaster recognized as the world's longest. After it was certified, he started taking it to Legos events around the nation.

"The coaster has been as far west as Dallas. It's been to Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and DC," said Burrows. "Usually, I see people's jaws hit the floor because they can't believe what they're looking at."

It's just another day at work for Burrows.

"It's nothing I've ever panned on. I tripped over it and this is an odd career path," he laughed.

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