Children's program gets support from community moms in Hyde Park

A group of moms has come to the rescue for a neighborhood play place where they and their kids hope to return after the coronavirus pandemic.

Families are missing their time with Allison Wilkins' All Songs for Tots program in Hyde Park, where moms and their young children play and sing in a group setting.

But now, All Songs for Tots is canceled until further notice due to COVID-19.

"They love coming here," said Owner Allison Wilkins. "They love singing with their children."

Allison had to close her doors because of the coronavirus and is struggling to save her business.  

"Times are really tough. Hopefully, it won't last for long," Wilkins said.

Mom Jessica West decided she needed to do something to help Allison stay in business, so she got her social media group, Moms of South Tampa, involved in a fundraiser.

"We're just trying to send a message of hope and everyone stay strong," West said.

She created a logo to be printed on posters and cards and sold to raise money for the All Songs program.

"Every poster that we sell is $10 and the full amount goes to Allie's Songs for Tots," explained West.

Her co-worker, Melanie Griffin owns a printing company and did all the posters and cards for free.  

"Anything that we can do as a community to help one of our own. It's just an incredible opportunity to rise up and be a community together," West said.

Allison was so thankful for the group's efforts.

"I have faith and I have tremendous faith in this community and these moms who have been so generous to us by having this fundraiser for us," she said.

Meanwhile, Allison is also starting an online interactive class for her students. For information, visit