Citizens Defending Freedom to challenge graphic novel “Assassination Classroom"

Library bookshelf 

On Monday, the organization Citizens Defending Freedom announced that it will challenge the graphic novel "Assassination Classroom," which can be found in Florida middle schools.

The group says that the novel is inappropriate due to the violent and sexually explicit content it contains.

In the novel, a group of students labeled "misfits" are tasked with saving the world from an alien that threatens human existence. Part of that responsibility is to kill their teacher.

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According to Citizens Defending Freedom, the book contains explicit violence, mild profanity, and graphic sexual activities.

It includes one image of the students pointing a gun at their teacher, who appears to be an alien.

The book also contains sexually graphic imagery and makes serval references to pornographic magazines. 

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"This is a non-partisan issue," said Kristen Huber, Citizens Defending Freedom’s National Communications Director. "We should all be able to agree that violence toward teachers and explicit sexual content is not something that schools should be glorifying or promoting, especially on taxpayer dollars." 

The group recently led the charge to remove "This Book is Gay," from middle school libraries in the county school system.