City of Lakeland approves resolution to raise some parking fees downtown

The City of Lakeland approved a resolution on Monday to raise some parking fees downtown.

During Monday's meeting, Lakeland city commissioners approved changing the off-street permit parking rates, essentially the monthly permits in lots and garages.

Currently, there's a $70 monthly permit fee, but now the fee will be raised to $90 per month for FY 2025, then $100 per month for FY 2026.

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Kevin Cook, a spokesperson for the city, said the current rates are low compared to what other cities charge for monthly parking.

"It's costing more and more to keep our parking division up and running," said Cook. "We have some improvements we're doing to the garages to show how many spaces are available of that nature. It's the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, we have to raise prices slightly to keep with inflation and the growing cost."

There were questions surrounding whether changes would be made to metered parking. The city allows drivers to park on-street for free for up to two hours before the metered rate takes effect. Leaders clarified that the two free hours will not be eliminated with the passage of this resolution.

The current metered rate is $1 per hour both on-street and off-street, with a daily rate of $6 for off-street parking in lots and garages.

The first increase takes effect in October.

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