Clearwater company creates situational awareness lightning detector

Talos is a situational awareness lightning detector manufactured by Precision Measurement Technologies, a company headquartered in Clearwater

"We’ve all looked up in the sky and wondered if the storm is coming at us or away? Why guess when you can know?" said company founder and president Rob Matthes.

There are a few different models of Talos that can easily be mounted to different locations. When lightning is detected at least 25 miles away, the device beeps and flashes green. If that lightning moves to within 16 miles, it flashes blue. And when a storm gets very close, within 6 miles, Talos flashes red. 

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Matthes said each beep you hear from Talos is a lightning strike. 

The applications for the device, especially in the Tampa Bay region, seem to be limitless. Towns, yacht clubs, golf courses and pool complexes all buy them to keep their patrons safe. Individuals buy them for boats, kayaks, hiking backpacks and golf carts. 

"That’s really the driving force behind it is safety for our community and saving lives," said Matthes. 

Talos devices start at $79 and go up to around $200. They can be purchased on Amazon or their website.