Clearwater woman connects with community by leaving inspirational rocks throughout the city

Walkers enjoying the public parks and trails in Clearwater have been discovering some specials treasures along the pathways.

Painted rocks with different scenes and sayings on them have been found by visitors.

The idea was born out of the pandemic quarantine. Clearwater resident Nita Wittholt thought it would be a fun way to connect with her neighbors and others in the community.

"We paint them all different colors," said Wittholt. "We just hide them along the trail."

The rocks gave her a creative outlet and even inspired her son and his girlfriend to join in on the fun.

Wittholt found out that her painted inspirations were a hit when someone showed her a photo on social media. "It was a couple of kids that found them," she related.

The image showed a smiling child holding up one of her rocks with a quote painted on it. The caption said, "Thank you to whoever is doing this..."

She appreciated that gratitude, but it's not the reason she paints the rocks each day.

"It gives you something to look for besides the everyday greenery," shared Wittholt. "Spread some good fun while we're quarantined."