Clerk chases would-be robber from St. Pete 7 Eleven

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A store clerk at the 7 Eleven on Park Street N in St. Petersburg managed to run off a man accused of trying to rob the store. 

St. Petersburg police are now trying to identify the suspect, who wore a mask in the store but took it off in the parking lot and in view of surveillance cameras. 

Police say the man came into the 7 Eleven at 2632 Park St. N. just after 4 a.m. July 10. The video shows the man put a black bag on the counter and tap it with a knife, in the direction of the store clerk. 

The suspect and the clerk appeared to be talking to each other. The suspect begins to walk around the counter, but the clerk holds up a flat metal object, appearing to threaten the suspect. 

The suspect knocks the object out of the clerk's hand. Police say the suspect was demanding money from the clerk.

As the suspect tries to back the clerk into the area behind the counter, the clerk begins to walk toward him. The suspect begins to run away, being followed by the store employee. 

Surveillance cameras behind the store then show a man pacing around the parking lot. Police say he is the masked man who tried to rob the store. 

He leaves, but returns on a bicycle, which he places in the back of a pickup truck owned by a store employee. 

Police say the suspect is a white male, about 5'9" tall, with a slim build, blue eyes, and short brown hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call the St. Petersburg Police Department at 893-7780, or text SPPD+ your tip to TIP411.