Co-living spaces bring lower rents to downtown St. Pete

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A new way to lease an apartment is disrupting St. Pete’s rental market.

Docked Living offers what they call luxury housing for young professionals. The concept allows tenants to ‘subscribe’ to their very own bedroom and bathroom while sharing common areas like a living room and kitchen.  

Inside a newly-renovated home in southeast St. Pete, you’ll find eight people, from all walks of life, living together.

“Our target client would be the digital nomad, the young professional,” said Kate Berlin, a managing partner for Docked Living.

She says their southeast St. Pete property is the first of three to hit the market.

Each person pays rent ranging from $550 to $750. Each house member gets their own bedroom and bathroom. They share a parking lot, living room, and kitchen. Utilities - including internet - are included.

Berlin says you sign a membership, not a lease, and you can leave anytime you want - with 30 days’ notice.

“I think a lot of people these days don’t want to be tied down,” Berlin said, “A lot of people want to travel and they want to [be able to] up and move for different job opportunities that come available.”

As St. Pete’s young adult population explodes, affordable housing has become more difficult to find. The average cost of a studio apartment downtown is near $1,500 a month.

Jake Barsness just moved into Dock Living’s property and says high rent isn’t an option for him. He’s a stand-up comedian and says this small space fits his budget and lifestyle.

“I want to experience things, so being able to pay a low rent here, I can go travel if I want,” Barsness said.

In addition to no couples, pets aren’t allowed. Berlin says security is a huge priority for her company and extensive background and credit checks are crucial.