Cold and calculated killing or crime of passion? Tyrone Johnson capital murder trial continues

On the third day of the capital murder trial of defendant Tyrone Johnson, the jury was shown video of his police interview after he allegedly gunned down his girlfriend, Stephanie Willis, and her 10-year-old son Ricky, in a bedroom apartment they shared with Johnson.

In the video, Johnson cried hysterically as detectives tried to calm him down. They struggled to understand what he was saying about the day of the murders. 

Prosecutors say the horrific events of October 21, 2018, all began with an argument over what to watch on TV.

"I changed the TV to football," he told detectives.

Johnson continued to break down as he claimed the fight turned personal when Stephanie blamed him for his son’s recent suicide.

"She said, ‘That’s why my son killed himself like a little [expletive] because you’re a [expletive],’" recalled Johnson.

Johnson told investigators that he called his father for help and he heard some of the confrontation.

PREVIOUS Trial begins for man accused of double-murder over what to watch on TV

During the interview, Johnson claimed the boy ran into the master bedroom.

"He said, 'You hurt my mommy?'" remembered Johnson.

But prosecutor John Terry said the evidence shows something else.

Terry said the frightened 10-year-old hid under his bed and was hunted down by Johnson.

"We have shell casings. We have blood. We have holes in the wall in the little boy’s room," argued Terry.

Prosecutors say Johnson is a cold and calculated killer that deserves to pay with his own life.

His public defender argued this was a crime of passion and he should be convicted of manslaughter.

If Johnson is convicted of first-degree premeditated murder, he will face the death penalty.

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