Community heroes give back at the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday Tent

Thursday was Heroes Day at the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday tent. Community leaders and first responders volunteered their time to help those in need have a Merry Christmas.

Hundreds of families are being helped by the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday tent.  

The campaign was started years ago to raise awareness and community involvement. 

"Take care of your family this year, but if you can take care of one other family that's struggling," said Tim Marks, CEO of Metropolitan Ministries. 

Firefighter Stacy Fleming added, "We will make sure that family will be able to have a Christmas celebration. I just always feel like it's always time to give back to others."

For Mayor Jane Castor, Metro Ministries is a much-needed asset for the Bay Area. 

"There's so many families that are in need and Metropolitan Ministries is there to make everybody's dreams come true for the holidays," the mayor said.

A grandmother who cares for her grandchildren came to the tent Thursday and said she didn't know what to expect. 

"I didn't know what was going to happen when I came out here. Got out of my car and walked over here and, boom. God stepped in and he showed out," she laughed.

The Tampa Bay Lightning also showed up with cars full of presents to deliver to families. 

"We shopped for seven families for Metropolitan Ministries, with anywhere from three to seven or eight people in the family," said Sarah Costello of the Lightning Foundation. "We are really happy to be delivering all these gifts for today."  

The Tampa Bay community coming together to make sure that all their neighbors have a happy holiday season.