Company creates candles that smell like fresh-baked Cuban bread

Courtesy: Isabel Alvarez/Albisa Candles

Want to have the aroma of fresh-baked Cuban bread wafting through your home? Forget turning on your oven -- you'll just have to light a candle.

Isabel Alvarez is the owner of Albisa Candles in Los Angeles. She created a line of candles meant to take you on a "journey to Cuba through scent," according to the company's Instagram page.

The inspiration for the scent came from her Cuban heritage.

"Cuban bread was a staple in my house growing up," Alvarez wrote in an Instagram post. "I loved the doughy insides. If you found a tunneled loaf of bread around, you knew Isabel had been there."

The Miami Herald reports that customers from across the U.S. have scrambled to order the candles.

"You can literally smell the salty butter, the yeasty dough. It's literally that savory aroma," Alvarez told the newspaper. “The reaction we’ve had from the Cuban community all over the country has been overwhelming."

While the Cuban bread candle has drawn plenty of attention and orders on her site, it's one of three scents in Alvarez's Cuban collection.

Another scent is called "Havana Nights" and is described as having "exotic amber vetiver and notes of wood and musk fused herbs [with] a touch of smokey tobacco, sweet leather and cedarwood."

The final scent in the collection is named "Tinguaro" after the small town where Alvarez's mom was born. It has "notes of jasmine, rose and woody musky notes [with] cedar wood essential oil."

The collection is currently sold out, but will be back in stock September 14.

Interested customers can sign up for the company's newsletter to get notifications on when the sought-after candles are available. For more information, visit the Albisa Candles website.