Controversial psychologist to interview woman accused of killing mom, stepdad

Dr. Emily Lazarou, a forensic psychologist, was nearly booted from testifying in the John Jonchuck case.

He is accused of throwing his six-year-old daughter, Phoebe off a Tampa Bay bridge.

Defense attorneys called Lazarou biased and coercive during her questioning of Jonchuck. They wanted her off the case, but a judge disagreed and ruled a jury will decide the credibility of her testimony.

Now Dr. Lazarou is causing havoc in another high-profile case.

Defendant Nicole Nachtman is accused of killing her mom and stepdad. Nachtman claims she suffered from battered child syndrome, which drove her to kill.

A judge will allow the jury to hear about it, but first, the prosecution wants Dr. Lazarou to question Nachtman.

Dana Herce, her public defender is not happy about it.

"I'm certainly going to protect Ms. Nachtman from the things I have read Ms. Lazarou [did] during other interviews," said Herce.

But prosecutor John Terry argued Dr. Lazarou is a true professional and will ask appropriate questions.

"To discredit her at this time is unfair your honor," said Terry.

Hillsborough Judge Christopher Sabella ruled Dr. Lazarou will interview Nachtman but her questions will be limited to the abuse the defendant claims she suffered at the hands of her mother.