Convicted DUI killer wants new trial

Summer Moll was only 4 when her mother Jennifer O'Boyle was killed in a head-on crash by a drunk driver on the Selmon Expressway.  Little Summer suffered severe head injuries that required multiple surgeries, and she continues to recover eight years later.

Now the woman convicted of the deadly crash wants out of prison early.

Cheryl Reimann claims the evidence in her case was mishandled. That evidence has to do with the blood sample that was taken from her following the head-on crash.

Reimann claims the sample was not handled correctly by law enforcement and her attorney never questioned or challenged the evidence in the case, even though the trooper involved in her case was facing allegation of misconduct in another case.

Reimann's attorney at the time says she did question the troopers involved on how the evidence was collected and didn't see any issues.

The victim's mother, Tammy Rosian, was in court this morning and thinks Reimann should stay in prison and finish out her 15-year sentence.

"I don't think we deserve to go through this again. We've been through this once she made the decision a long time ago to get behind the wheel drunk.  She killed my daughter, she's injured Summer so bad Summer is still paying for it. But she wants out of jail? I don't think so," said Rosian.

The judge will provide a written ruling in the next few weeks.