Couples marry in group wedding at Polk County History Center

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Nathan and Mary Best have been each other’s Valentines for the past seven years.

“It’s been love ever since. When I was down, when I was going through times with my disability, she just lifted me up and stayed beside me the whole time. I couldn’t find another one that’s like this,” said Nathan Best.

This year, however, the couple decided to celebrate their love in a much different way.

“We got married on Valentine’s Day!” exclaimed Mary Best.

The happy pair and 15 other couples used the day of love to officially tie the knot.

The steps of the Polk County History Center were full of both smiles and tears as lovebirds said ‘I do’ during the county’s sixth-annual Valentine’s Day group wedding ceremony.

"It's a way to take all the stress out of getting married. The important part is focusing on each other, so we plan everything for them. They just have to show up,” said Stacy Butterfield, the Clerk of Courts and Comptroller for Polk County.

Family and friends also gathered for Nicole and Arley Brock’s big day. The couple exchanged rings as they gave their whirlwind romance a fairytale ending.

"Everything just happened really fast with us, and everything just felt right. From the day I met him, it has just been perfect,” said Nicole Brock.

With their union official, the pair said they are looking forward to the simple things.

“Just spending every day with him,” said Brock. “Just day to day things.”

With vows recited and papers signed, the day of love officially holds a special meaning for 16 happy couples who can now say they’ve found their forever Valentine.

"It's an awesome day, I'll never forget this day,” said Best.