Couple's small batch ice cream becomes big hit in St. Petersburg

A new ice cream company in St. Petersburg is combining the nostalgia of homemade ice cream with the technology of Michelin Star kitchen equipment to churn up delicious frozen treats.

Churned Small Batch Ice Cream co-owner Ray Wyatt says they pack their ice cream by hand, two pints at a time.

 "That’s how small batch it is," Wyatt said.

Ray and his wife, Alyssa do it all. Ray has been a chef for 30 years, so he knows his way around a kitchen and how to combine ingredients to create unique flavors.

Their small batch process is partially made possible by a high-tech piece of machinery. 

"The machine we use is really only used in high-end, even Michelin Star, restaurants. We can really only do a small amount at a time," said Ray. 

The result is restaurant quality ice cream with a homemade feel.

Open for less than a year, Churned Small Batch Ice Cream has seen a lot of success in Pinellas County markets. 

"Being at the markets, we really get to showcase our ice cream differently. We ooze our passion," said Alyssa. 

Churned Small Batch Ice Cream is at the Corey Avenue Market in St. Pete Beach every Sunday and the Madeira Beach market every Wednesday. It's also available at The Tides in Safety Harbor and Baked in the Burg in downtown St. Petersburg.